17th of May Constitution Day.17th of May

17th of May is about to come, and as a Norwegian first, we celebrate Constitution Day. While many countries celebrate their national day with a military parade, Norway’s 17th of May is a party for everyone, especially children. So we are holding an event this day, get into Patreon to get the game for 25$ […]

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PayPal Donation

If you prefer to support our work via PayPal, use this EMAIL. Here you can support us with any amount you can spare with us. PayPal Email – 81mountain81@gmail.comhttps://directcontact.no/product-category/donate/

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We are in Facebook Now!

Hey, We are excited to say you can now follow the development of Direct Contact on our official Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/DirectContactGame

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Direct Contact is specifically dedicated to the market of FPS military-based tactical shooter games. Bringing in a level of customization to weapons and loadout that is very advanced, The player’s loadout can suit the situation at hand, from CQB-based situations to mid to long-range, also bringing the capability to call in airstrikes, with photorealistic explosions […]

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Engaging with our community is a big part of who we are. We like to hold Giveaways in our community. We actively talk with people who support the development of Direct Contact. Whilst actively collaborating with content creators that make videos of footage we share with them and post to YouTube. This forges a good […]

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New Web-Page

We have reworked our webpage and our glad to be representing you with this newly updated webpage.Development of Direct Contact is starting to take to new heights in Unreal Engine 5, bringing newtechnologies. As the development of the game progresses, we are in a unique position with our game being on UE5, we are now […]

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